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Gun Camera 3D 2 Gun Sim Pro

2.99 usd

Start your journey through the world of weapons with Gun Camera 3D 2 Gun Sim Pro. When you combine best shooting game and great virtual weapons you get Gun Camera 3D 2 Gun Simulator Pro - perfect weapon game that you will play all the time. This first person shooter game will became your favorite game, you will see. With realistic weapon sounds and with huge selection of some of the most popular guns this weapon simulator will become best way to entertain yourself every day. You will feel like you are holding real pistol or sniper in your hands and with realistic gun sounds you will feel like you are in the war zone.Great things you will have on your phone with this best shooting game and you can have one of the best weapon games on your phone, only need to buy eWeapons™ Gun Camera 3D 2 Gun Sim Pro. Weapon simulator uses your phone camera preview and simulate FPS gun camera game. Very easy to play, but the feeling is great. You only need to choose revolver or submachine gun or some other weapon, then you need to find some target from your environment and you can start shooting. Best simulator game can start. You can shoot real targets with your virtual weapons as long as you want and great thing is that you don't have to worry about bullets because with this weapon camera app you will have unlimited ammo. Anytime, anyplace you can shoot from your virtual weapons, only have to choose appropriate target and don't have to worry about anything else. Great weapons such as assault rifle, shotgun or pistol and sniper you will have with this gun weapon simulator. Also, there is image intensifier. Effect like night vision or infrared camera effects will make this real gun camera simulator much more special. Another great thing is that you will have possibility to take pictures and videos of pointing a gun at someone. Pistol camera gun 3D or sniper camera gun 3D, just choose the right weapon and let the fun begin. All of this and a lot of fun you will have with eWeapons™ Gun Camera 3D 2 Gun Simulator Pro - the best weapon simulator. If you want to feel the great power of weapons and to have virtual shooting experience then you must have best weapon app on your phone. Buy firearms simulator now and have great time with Gun Camera 3D 2 Gun Sim Pro.
Features of Gun Camera 3D 2 Gun Sim Pro:☛ huge selection of virtual weapons☛ realistic weapon sounds☛ image intensifier☛ take pictures and videos☛ zoom☛ mirror effects☛ great game music
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